2017 GCDC FAQs

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The 2017 Greater Tulsa Area Great Cloth Diaper Change and Eco Family Fair will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2017, at the Broken Arrow Community Center located at 1500 S. Main Street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, from 9:00am - 12:00pm.  

1. When you check in, you must have the child who will be participating with you as we need to verify that the child is under 39 inches.

2. You also need to have the diaper that you will be using during the change available for inspection.  The diaper can be homemade or commercially available, just as long as the diaper is 100% reusable.  The child participant must be wearing a cloth diaper or disposable diaper and be equipped with an additional 100 percent reusable cloth diaper (no disposable inserts) for changing into.  

3. A family changing two children must have two individuals available to participate in the diaper change.  1 participant, 1 child.

4. At the sound of a loud start signal, all participants must remove their child's cloth or disposable diaper and properly put on a cloth diaper that is 100 percent reusable (commercially available or homemade).

5. Pre-registration is nice, as you will need to sign a photo waiver (mandatory) at the door if you don't pre-register. However, pre-registration doesn't guarantee a swag bag, just saves paper and a few moments of time.

6. Each family attending will receive 1 free entry into the raffle giveaways. You may purchase additional tickets for $1 a piece or 7 tickets for $5.

* Proceeds from the raffle giveaway will benefit The Real Diaper Association. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, our event ranked #1 world-wide in fundraising for The Real Diaper Association! *

7. At check-in, you will receive the following items (Don't lose them!)
-Swag bag wristband (for the first 100 families)
-One (1) Free ticket entry for the raffle
-One (1) "Change" ticket per adult/child team. Each team needs to turn this ticket in at the change zone entrance when the time is called. We need the tickets to verify with GCDC/RDA the number of babies changed.

8. Make sure that you get your hand stamped when you enter the change zone if you have a wristband. If you don't, we can't verify you participated.

9. If you receive a wristband and you have to leave before the change, we cannot give you a swag bag, absolutely no exceptions. A lot of work goes into collecting and assembling the contents of the bags. All the companies who donated did so for the event participants. We also need the official number of participants for future years when soliciting donations.

10. Strollers are discouraged, but not outlawed. If you can babywear, that is preferable, but we understand that it isn't always feasible.

11. Only the child/participant teams will be allowed to enter the "Change Zone" during the change. Siblings, friends, and other people not involved in the change (including infants who are not part of a team) are not allowed in. This is a rule from the Real Diaper Association. A lot of people who had older children sat on the edges and had their children stand right on the other side. Or they parked a stroller right outside the zone.

12. Finally, nobody can enter the "Change Zone" before we call the time. It will be blocked off, but we really need to make sure that it is a separate area that is only used for the official count. 

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